Entertainment PR

Grab their attention and hold onto it


Whether you are producing a TV show or a film, including PR as part of your production planning is vital beginning very early on in the process and well before any filming takes place and lasting beyond any wrap party.

TV and Film PR is key to helping you to secure funding early on in the production process and to gain further backing from promoting your film through festivals and by pitching to broadcasters, as well as promotion of your film beyond its premiere or release.

We have experience gaining sponsorship for TV and film as well as presenting multiple films at the prestigious Cannes International Film Festival and a host of other festivals.

We can work with you to utilise every PR opportunity through the production process by delivering a campaign that works for you.

Our TV and film PR has achieved success through multiple local, regional and national press including BBC and ITV as well as The Hollywood Reporter and The New York Times.

Whether you require a full PR campaign for your production or help arranging and promoting a premiere, get in touch and we can talk though how we can best meet your requirements.

Press coverage for the period drama, VIII, which premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival